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Why you should use Steelfiber®?

  • It creates a difference in durability compared to traditional products.
  • Strength of concrete increases.
  • Wear resistance increases.
  • The toughness of concrete is increased.
  • Crack formation is prevented.
  • It is more resistant to fragmentation.
  • It saves time and cost thanks to easy application.

Where you should use?

  • All field concretes
  • Industrial floors
  • Parking lot concrete
  • Concrete roads
  • Airport flooring
  • Shotcrete and tunnels
  • Concrete pipes, precast and prefabricated structures
  • Military structures

Areas of Use

We definitely have a solution suitable for your fiber reinforcement needs. We offer high performance innovative solutions with steelfiber reinforcements.

Field Concretes

Tunnel Concretes

Concrete Pipes