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Crete Colors portfolio has products to increase the performance of floor surfaces.

Crete Colors portfolio from densifiers to hardeners; from decorative colorants to surface protectors, it has products in every group that will increase the performance of floors.

These chemicals have water-repellent and stain-resistant properties, as well as all internationally valid quality certificates.

Surface Densifiers and Hardeners

CRETE COLORS C²-HARD products are manufactured with advanced lithium technology. It is applied by spraying on concrete. It increases the abrasion resistance of the concrete by providing dust-proofing (dust-free) property by penetrating the concrete.


  • C² HARD™
  • C² CURE™

Coloring and Decorative Products

They are permanent products which penetrates to concrete surfaces.


  • C² TINT ™

C² Protection Products

They are protective products for concrete structure and concrete floors.


  • C² SEAL™

C² Maintenance Products

It is important to carry out regular maintenance in order for the concrete to last much longer after the application on the concrete floor.


  • C² CLEAN™

With our Crete Colors products, we offer all of the solutions needed in the entire process, from the preparation of concrete floors to their protection, to the sector.

Unique Color Options

Bring your floors to life with transparent colors with our gorgeous range of color options and empower your floors as you bring your creative visions to life.

Nano-technology Lithium

Aesthetic appearance with unique penetration and performance thanks to Lithium-based transparent paints produced in nanotechnological chemical structure.

Quality Certificates

The chemicals that we use in the Glosslithium Concrete Polishing System and that we are the distributor of in Turkey have quality certificates issued by independent audit institutions. We can list these documents as follows:

• LEED certificate
• Green Building certificate
• VOC limit compatibility
• CE certification,
• Food compatibility cerfication (NSF)
• Abrassion resistance test reports
• Chemical resistance reports

Why to use Lithium?

C2 liquid surface hardener / densifier is rich in silica. In this way, it reacts with the calcium hydroxide (free lime) in the concrete and fills the gaps. It hardens and strengthens the wear-receiving layer of the concrete surface.

C2 liquid surface hardener/densifier contains nanotechnological highly reactive lithium catalyser. In this way, it penetrates into the concrete surfaces much better and provides a fast and complete reaction with the concrete.

Even the most perfect concrete floors will wear easily under industrial traffic conditions. The abrasion resistance of surfaces which C2 liquid surface hardener/densifier is applied will increase significantly.

In ordinary concrete, small dust particles (free lime) are pushed towards the surface by the effect of hydrostatic pressure, resulting in efflorescence. Efflorescence causes dusting from concrete surfaces. C2 products prevent efflorescence and finish dusting in one application.

C2 liquid surface hardener/densifier stays in the surface layers for a long time. In a single application, it remains impregnated throughout the life of the concrete surface.

Does not contain VOC (Volatile Organic Compound). Thanks to the application, the need for coating on the existing floor is eliminated and contributes to sustainability. In this way, it complies with the US Green Building Council LEED certificate.

Although the treated surface looks shiny, it does not form a slippery surface.

The rough and uneven surface texture of concrete increases friction and increases tire wearing. C2 liquid surface hardener/densifier makes the surface of the concrete smooth, preventing this wear effect and ensuring minimum tire marks. The resulting traces can be removed with a simple cleaning.

Most floor systems, including ceramics and linoleum, require aggressive scrubbing to keep them clean and pleasant. C2 liquid surface hardener/densifier applied floors become tightly compacted. In this way, there is no need for a polishing or scraping process to keep the floor shiny.


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