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In order for reinforced concrete structures to remain strong and durable for years, it is important that R&D studies continue in harmony with technology. Betonfiber reinforcements have been developed for the purpose of reinforcing the concrete used in buildings in three dimensions instead of two-dimensional conventional reinforcements. They are new technology products that extend the service life of concrete, provide ease of usage and application advantages, while saving costs.

Macromesh® - Structural Macro and Micro Concrete Reinforcement Fiber

Increase toughness and crack control with high performance twisted fibers. When it is added to the concrete mixture at the proper dosage it acts as the primary reinforcement by removing the need for steel mesh and steel fiber.

We produce high-performance fiber reinforcement in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and EN 14889-2:2006 European Standards, and we take a role all over the world by creating distributorships in countries.


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