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Logistics has evolved and changed drastically in the last decade. Loads are increased, racks got higher, and forklifts became faster. But the question is, have the building materials adapted to these high demands? What about construction joints for industrial floors? Can the requirements for load transfer and limitation of deformation be met? So what needs to be done on concrete floors so that everything is as efficient as possible?

Prefer the world's number one and only joint profile that provides guaranteed serviceability and structural design and allows free horizontal movement of concrete in two directions. Meet with its unique patented technology, which has the best possible load transfer system in tough conditions thanks to the load carrying capacity of the profile and the floor together.

Why you should prefer COSINUS SLIDE JOINT?

• Every day, thousands of tons of goods and equipment pass through joint joints. The Cosinus slide system transfers (up to %47) these loads as efficiently as possible.
• Eliminates damage, discomfort, health and safety problems caused by conventional joint solutions.
• Minimizes maintenance costs from damage and repair.
• Provides shock and vibration-free forklift wheel transitions.
• Operators feels high level of comfort.
• The best load transfer system ever, thanks to the extraordinarily efficient connection without the use of traditional anchor technology.
• Provides highly satisfactory test results, proven in the toughest conditions.
• It prevents surface abrasion, dusting, chipping and flaking at joints.


Cosinus Slide® Joint

Operators feel a high level of comfort with the Cosinus Slide® Joint, which provides shock and vibration-free folklift wheel transitions. The best load transfer system ever, providing exceptionally efficient fastening without the use of traditional anchor technology, has proven high, satisfactory test results in the toughest conditions.

We offer “design check” and “stability verification” to optimize your project.

Worldwide references, unique patented technology, easy installation with its new system and "stability verification" with "design control" to optimize your project.

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