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Why you should prefer PP Microfibers?

  • Since it is homogeneously dispersed in the concrete, it reinforces concrete in three dimensions.
  • Eliminates plastic shrinkage cracks.
  • Provides resistance to impact, abrasion and fragmentation.
  • Concrete becomes more ductile and toughness increases.
  • Reduces segregation.
  • It is not affected by acids and alcalines, it does not degrade.

Where you should Use?

  • Field concretes and industrial floors
  • Repair and bonding mortars
  • Screed applications
  • Prefabricated and precast building elements
  • High strength structures
  • Shotcrete applications
  • Airport flooring
  • Harbor flooring
  • Thin shell structures
  • Hydraulic structures

Secondary Reinforcement

Micromesh micro-synthetic fibers cannot be used as a substitute for main load bearing steel reinforcements. Micromesh micro-synthetic fiber reinforced concrete cannot be finished thinner or less than the project.


Micromesh; It is applied by mixing it with the concrete in the plant or in the transmixer. After mixing at high speed for 5 minutes, Micromesh packs are degredas and millions of fibers are homogeneously dispersed all over the concrete.